Art and DT

Meet our Art Ambassadors. 
The art ambassadors visited the Laing Art gallery to select a painting that every class in our school are going to enjoy working on.
The ambassadors chose 'Blinking in the Sun', painted in 1881 by a local artist called Ralph Hedley. 
We had a lovely time on Monday when we took part in a full day of art activities in our house teams. Our art ambassadors had visited the Laing art gallery and selected a picture for our whole school project - Take One Picture! The painting, Blinking in the Sun was painted in 1881 by the local artist Ralph Hedley. We took part in an art carousel to sketch, paint, print and work with clay. An artist called Chris came to school and Key stage one got the opportunity to work with him to do printing, which all came together in a beautiful display in our main corridor for everyone to enjoy.
Reception Class went to the Shipley art gallery and on the way we stopped to look at the Angel of the North. We took part in a workshop, where we looked very carefully at the maquette and then drew the Angel with a contiuous line. Next we added features that we had noticed around the Angel on the hill. After using our bodies to make famous landmarks, we constructed our own models. We also had a look around the gallery at some very interesting works of art!
Year 6 Art Club
We concentrated on colour mixing and sketching!
Reception class have been very busy working with clay and paint. We looked at a picture by the artist Ralph Hedley and thought about what might be happening. Lip Lee also came to make animal masks with us.
Our whole school took part in a carousel of French based activities. We studied the artist George Seurat and created fact files about him as well as painting in the pointillism style. The Eiffel Tower was constructed using paper and straws and completed using a paint effect.
Art Club - May 
The children are enjoying working with Nicola from The Laing Art Gallery.
Art around school!
Art Club 
Art Club -May
Jamie showed us a painting by Louisa Hodgson of the Collingwood monument at Tynemouth. It is currently on display at the Laing art gallery. We used the technique of crayon etching using pastels to make our own art work!
A snippet of art around school - May 2019
Reception Class visited the Rising Sun Country Park to look at autumnal colours in the woods. They also made clay animals and used natural materials to add more detail and texture.
Year Three created some beautiful Remembrance Day artwork. 
As part of their History topic, Year 3 created some Stone Age rock art.
Year 3 made Stone Age model homes in DT
Year 3 experimented with different pencil grades.