Friday 8th February 2019

In maths  this week Year 2 had to solve problems linked to their work on the artist Kandinsky. They had to make squares using smaller squares but could not have two squares the same colour beside each other. Then the children  had to add the circles applying the same colour  rule.
I English, children have written some fantastic accounts of an old Chinese legend that explains the Chinese Zodiac.
Children have continued to create art inspired by the artist Kandinsky. The children have also used ipads to create short animations showing the creation of their concentric circles.
Year 2 had fun mastering a range of sports skills at Walker Dome on Wednesday.
In geography. children located and named the 5 oceans of the word using an atlas to help them.
Class worship was planned and led beautifully today, the focus a message from Matthew's Gospel, love others as you love yourself.
Have a good weekend.