Homework Information

Every Monday a new mathletics task will be set. There will be no submission date set for the moment.
Reading folders, containing your child's scheme reading books, will be sent home every Monday. Once your child has read each book a comment can be made. Making a comment or signing the diary will indicate to staff that the book has been read and needs changing. We will send home the same books if your child has not been able to read them.
Books and diaries will be collected every Thursday. Books will be cleaned and quarantined and new books will be sent home again on Monday. If you require further books log onto Oxford Reading Buddy. 
Every Thursday children will choose a book for pleasure and keep that for the weekend. The book will be collected on Monday, cleaned and quarantined for three days.
Folders should be brought into school every day and placed in the box provided. This is to allow staff to hear children read.
It is suggested that children read for 15-20 minutes daily.
During the first half term, there will be no spelling tests for the children. I will ask the children to look at the common exception words for Year 1. 
Foundation Subjects
There may be other tasks I ask the children to complete which will relate to the different topics we are covering in class.