Monday 21st September 2020

Please complete the set task on Mathletics and access Times Table Rock Stars for 10 minutes a day. 
Please read your school books for 10-15 minutes a day, You can access Oxford Reading buddy for extra books if needed. Please return reading books to school on Thursdays to allow for books to be quarantined and changed.
On Oxford Reading Buddy, please complete at least one comprehension quiz. 
This week your spellings are:
  1. caught
  2. naughty
  3. taught
  4. daughter
  5. autumn
  6. clause
  7. cause
  8. astronaut
  9. applaud
  10. author
Please learn these for Friday's test. 
This week in Year 4, we will be starting our topic of 'People' and families in RE. Although we will not be looking at our own family trees in depth, it would be helpful to have a short conversation with your children to ensure they are aware of this, and therefore the discussions it may raise in relation to parents or grandparents, for example.