Summer Learning Challenges

The Summer holidays are here and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all children and families for their hard work over this time. Whilst teachers won't be setting daily learning tasks for classes over the holidays, we are aware that some families might like to access Summer challenges. 
The resources suggested below are not compulsory (we know everyone needs a break from home learning!) , but ideas to keep busy during the holidays if you would like to use them. 
Robin Hood Multi Academy Trust have created several fantastic cross curricular learning projects for children across all Key Stages. Pick a theme that interests you!
Hopefully we will get some lovely weather over the Summer holidays so that you can enjoy the great outdoors! There are some fantastic ideas for outdoor learning experiences on this website. 
Oak Academy have provided some fantastic resources throughout lock down and are continuing to provide engaging activities for children throughout the holidays. They are offering 'Summer Clubs' for everything from art to farming, to Earth School fun. 
It is important to look after yourselves during the Summer break. Young Minds have some fantastic ideas for how to look after your mind during this time.
The National Trust would like you to get out and about this Summer, even if that's only in your back garden! There are so many adventures you can have even if you can't travel too far from home. Why not try some of their ideas?
We're sure you'll love the Weekly Wonders in Maths learning challenges on this page, as well as the creative ideas for the Summer.