Thursday 18th May 2017

We enjoyed our first session with the balance bikes.
The children worked together to write their own blogs this week!
"We had fun on the bikes and they are different colours" - Millie and Oliver
"They had wheels" -  Richard and Shawn
"There are no pedals and they are different colours" - Samuel, Ethan and John
"They were different colours" - Seth and Thomas
"They did not have brakes" - Esme and Jiatong
"We rode bikes without three wheels" - Callum and Sienna
"We are on a balance bike" - Lucy and Ruby
"We all had a go" - Jessica and Connie
"The bikes don't have pedals" - Albie and Sebastian
"We like to ride on a bike" - Diya and Holly
"We were in groups of ten" - Caite and Olivia