Well Being Wednesday

Feelings Chart
There are lots of different ways we can show how we are feeling, if we are happy we might smile or laugh, if we are hurt we might get upset or cry. But sometimes we can keep how we are feeling hidden on the inside and it can be difficult to share those feelings with other people. Talking about our emotions and why we feel that why is important as it can help to stop us experiencing those uncomfortable emotions.
Why not talk about some of the different emotions you have felt before? You can then create a feelings chart for your family to use like the one below, or you could use this one if you like. Your family can add photographs or their names to small pieces of paper and move them around to communicate how you are all feeling. 
You could think of some different ways to deal with these emotions and add them to your chart. For example, if you are feeling angry you might want to take three deep breaths and count slowly to ten. If you are feeling worried or scared, you could talk to someone you trust. 
Remember, we all experience these emotions sometimes, but it's so important to share how we feel as this can help us to deal with any feelings that make us uncomfortable.  
Things I Can and Can't Control (20.5.20)
Can you make it snow tomorrow? No? Why not? We can't control the weather, can we? What about our words? Can we control them? Or our feelings?
Sometimes it is difficult for us to understand that there are some things in life we just can't control. Understand what we can and cannot control is important for  our emotional well-being. Trying to control things outside of our control can leave them feeling worried or overwhelmed or uncomfortable.  Today we are going to share a quick little activity to help you to think about the things you can and can not control. 
This video may be a useful starting point for families https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxacynVqWd8
Together, create a hand or circle map to explore the things you can and can not control.
If we are experiencing overwhelming or out-of-control feelings, there are 5 things we can control right now in the moment, use your fingers to count them out. 
1. I can control my breathing.
2. I can control my thoughts.
3. I can control my words to myself.
4. I can control my words to others.
5. I can control my body.