World Book Day 2019

To celebrate World Book Day, children across the school created a whole school story. Our Reception Class children voted on our story opening and each class was asked to add one hundred words to the story but we were only allowed to look at the class before ours work to help us.
We had great fun reading the story in our end of day assembly. Here is our fantastic (and very creative!) story;
It all started when I was walking to school…
A small, blue bird with an orange beak swooped down in front of me.

He began to sing loudly

“Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me…”

and I noticed a tear roll down his little face.

“You’re going to be late for school, hurry up!” shouted my Mum.

But I couldn’t just leave the poor bird. I decided to follow him and find out why he was crying….

I gently picked up the  small, blue bird and put it carefully into my school bag. I knew I’d be able to sort the bird out when I got to school!

I continued my journey and every now and then peeped inside my school bag to check the small, blue bird was ok. The bird was curled up in a ball sleeping soundly. I hope I’ve done the right thing!

As Mum and I  waited at the zebra crossing to cross the busy road a police car zoomed passed us! The siren and the blue flashing light frightened the bird and it…

… suddenly flew out of my bag and zoomed into a tall, oak tree at the side of the road.

The small, blue bird sat on a branch, shivering with fear and he looked hurt. I felt worried sick as I looked at my Mum’s face.

“WHAT WAS THAT?” Mum shouted out.

I knew Mum was really mad but I knew I needed to help the bird.

Quickly, I ran to the tree which was as tall as a giraffe and stared helplessly at the poor creature.

I started to climb up the rotten tree trunk but my foot slipped…

… I felt myself falling, until I caught hold of a small branch with the tips of three fingers. Quick as a flash, the small, blue bird swooped in front of my eyes and hovered there, both of us looking at each other incredulously. Everything had happened so fast, it was hard to believe that it was all real.

Beneath us, Mum was screeching up at the tree, “GET DOWN FROM THERE, IT’S NOT SAFE!”

Suddenly, the tree formed a spiral staircase that instantly disappeared after each step I took back down to the leafy earth below.

Gracefully, the enchanted bird swooped sneakily and disappeared into a gloomy, damp crack in the centre of the gnarled trunk.  I saw something ascend where the bird had entered; a warty, witch-like nose, lips, eyes like green emeralds and a beard as soft as a lions mane gradually appeared. “Mwahaha” boomed a  deep, evil voice and, like a hawk screeching down, a seemingly robust limb frantically wrapped mum up. A wave of sickness swept over me as I stood helplessly witnessing this terrible change. Mum pushed and pushed, but the branch wouldn’t budge. The eyes fixed me with a stare and the voice spoke again.

“You’ll never get your Mum back child!” cackled the witch menacingly, as she appeared from the gloom of the tree, “Unless you do something for me.”

Ignoring the witch-like creature, I rushed to my mother’s aid.  The witch moved with one swift action, trying to prevent my rescue.  There was something about the creature’s mysterious grin that made me rethink my actions…it appeared familiar.

The smirking grin tugged at somewhere familiar in my memory and I remembered the story of our long lost grandmother.  She had disappeared after following a bird into the forest…could she have now returned?