Friday 20th November 2020

Hello Everyone,
Well, another week has come and gone and it’s been as busy as always.
 It has been anti-bullying week this week and in year 2 we spent time thinking about what we can do if we think bullying is happening  in our school. We discussed the statement, ‘All different, all equal’ and what it means.  

In history this week, we have been retelling the story of the Gunpowder Plot. Mrs Mooney got the the story mixed up and so it was down to the children to sort it out. 

We have been learning about different ways we can keep clean and stay healthy. We now know how to keep clean and why it’s important. 

We have been learning about different types of sentences this week in English as well as different ways we can punctuate sentences. We know all sentences must begin with a capital letter.
We learned about the different types of oil used during baptism and what they both symbolise. 

Today is Youth Friday and ahead of Youth Sunday we learned a little about the work the amazing Youth Ministry Team carry out in our diocese.
Have a lovely weekend everyone, looks like we might even see the sun on Sunday!  Xx