Friday 17th September 2021

What a fantastic second week in Year 4! 
In English this week, we have began our 'Magical English' unit and began to create descriptive sentences to create a setting description of Hogwarts Castle! We worked brilliantly on Monday to create wonderful mind maps which included lots of excellent descriptive techniques; such as onomatopoeia and personification! 
In RE, we started to look at our new unit- 'People'. This included looking at people in our family and then moved on to looking at who was part of Jesus' family. Thank you to all of the grown ups who spent time talking about their family trees with their children! 
In Music, we began to study who our tables are named after! We looked into our four musical theatre composers and thought about the components of their music and how it made us feel!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I will see you all on Monday!