Thursday 26th November 2020

On Tuesday we enjoyed a morning of History Enrichment Activities with That History Bloke. 
It was a fabulous way to end our study of the Vikings, consolidate our learning and enjoy some exciting tasks!
We began with an enthralling Viking story (saga) - it was very gruesome!
We looked at some wonderful artefacts and discovered that a Viking blade from a sword - engraved with Viking Runes - had been found in the River bed of The Thames!  We looked at chain-mail, a replica helmet, real weapons - and even oyster shells found in a Viking burial tomb! There were mystery objects - a spoon for ear wax, and a striker for stone and flint! Richard showed us all how to create sparks!
We then wrote our names in Runes, on a wax tablet using a sharpened piece of wood.
It was such fun playing the game Rota - popular during Anglo-Saxon and Viking times!