Final Message

Hello you lovely lot,
I still can't believe that this is how we are ending our time in Year 5 and our 2 years working together! I can honestly say that this isn't at all how I thought our time together would end - I hope you all know that I would have loved nothing more than to have spent the past 4 months with you all in our classroom having conversations about anything and everything and us all having a laugh together like we did everyday...
You are a class built up of many varying personalities and when you all come together it makes for a very creative and interesting time, all of your different thoughts and ideas all mixed together brings me such joy and happiness as it's always amazing to watch you all work in your own individual ways. 
I am so proud of every single one of you and the emails, messages and phone calls have really brought to light the maturity and resilience you have all shown through this strange and sometimes nervous time. Well done to you all. 
On behalf of myself and Mrs Marshall, we would both like to say a huge thank you to you all for being such a fantastic group to work with and spend our time teaching, guiding and getting to know. We would both also like to say a huge thanks for our very thoughtful and generous gifts that we received this week - it was very kind of you all.  
I must apologise that we never got round to finishing our class book, 'The Boy at the Back of the Class', I know that it was a time during the day that we all loved to spend together and it was a fantastic book too. If any of you need any ideas for over the summer, I would love to hear if you eventually get to the end (and what you think of it...)!
Please enjoy your Summer Holidays and continuing to spend time with your families. I hope that when the time is right in the Autumn, I can come in and see you all with a new friend for you all to meet...
Finally, I just want to say a huge thank you from me to you. You have all made my job so enjoyable and each and everyone of you have reminded me on more than one occasion why it is such a privilege to be a teacher, which is a role I will never take for granted and one I am so grateful for. 
All my love, positive thoughts and best wishes,
Mrs Wills xxx
Over the past few months Finn has:
  • Grown a huge amount!
  • Learnt how to use the potty
  • Eventually decided he likes tuna
  • Baked so many cakes that I have lost count - he still hasn't 'cracked' how to crack an egg yet!
  • Had 2 at home haircuts
  • Moved out of a cot-bed and into a 'Big Boys Bed'
  • Is still obsessed with Tractors and officially calls them that now, not 'Tictas' like he used to!
  • Become so excited about becoming a big brother