Alpha Programme

INVITATION TO ALPHA at Sacred Heart Parish.
The Alpha course is designed for people who attend church but would like an update on the basics of their faith, and for anyone who is non-practising, puzzled, upset, or curious about the faith and doesn’t go to church.
Alongside parishioners and their friends and family members, we would like to invite the parents of children who attend St Oswald’s, especially parents whose children made their first Holy Communion last year and those who are making it this year, as we hope that this will help the parents to support their children’s faith development.
Our Alpha course starts on Thursday 4th October and runs every Thursday for 11 weeks. It also includes a whole day looking at the Holy Spirit’s role in our lives (Saturday 17th November).
Alpha will also help parents who wish to have their children baptized during this year. Each session consists of a simple (free) meal, a video and group discussion. For more information please contact school, see parish website or contact Deacon John Hawthorne 0191 243-2379. (