Friday 11th March 2022

On Tuesday 8th March we celebrated the achievements of women who have made contributions to society, as part of International Women's Day.
In Science we looked at the amazing work of Dame Zaha Hadid. 
She is recognised as one of the world's most famous architects.  Her daring designs are famous for their swooping curves.
Our task was to work in groups to build a structure using everyday materials, but the crucial part of our design specification was that the structure must hold weight!  It was a very tricky challenge but we co-operated brilliantly and also critically analysed our structures. We had great fun testing them!
In Art, we found out about Sonia Delauney - a famous artist who designed clothes, fabric and costumes for the theatre. She was the first living female artist to have an exhibition in the Louvre in Paris!
We began our own sketches, using Delauney's famous designs featuring circles, straight lines and vibrant colours. We made a great start!