Friday 14th May 2021

Double, Double, Bump, Bump!

We are learning to double and have been having lots of fun playing the Double, double, bump-bump game!

To play, roll two dice.  If you roll a double, call out the total (e.g. 3+3 is 6!) and do the actions and song (below) — the children will keep you right!

Double, double, bump-bump, (stand up and gently bump hips together with your partner)

Double, double, pump-pump, (elbow bump your partner)

Double, double, jump-jump, (jump up and down twice on the spot)

Double, double, rump-rump (sit back down and shuffle your bottom on the carpet).


We have also been looking at the work of the artists, Matisse and Kandinsky. The children talked about  things they liked about the various work or didn't like!
Then we looked at the painting 'Last in the Market' by Ralph Hedley and thought about what might be happening in the painting and what the boy and the dog were thinking about. We  were such good detectives and found out so much about it.