Friday 1st April 2022

Year 1 have been busy bees this week! 
We were very excited to get a special letter in the post! Everyone was excited to read that Queen Elizabeth II had loved our cards and wanted to let us know. 
In Maths, they started looking at capacity and volume. We started by measuring capacity using non-standard methods. We used rice and cubes to investigate the capacity of different containers in the classroom.
In Geography, we became weather forecasters and started to plan our reports. We worked in twos to plot out our weather map and plan what we would need to say. 
This week, Fionn, Leah, Joey and Emily led our class in Liturgical Prayer. We spent time quietly reflecting on the Gospel. 
In RHE, we talked about people who were special to us. We also looked at the Winnie the Pooh Friendship Day story and thought about advice we would give Eeyore about being a good friend.