Friday 5th November 2021

This week in Reception Class we have looked at the story 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers. We made some 'Found' posters for the penguin, learnt all about different species of penguins and labelled an Emperor Penguin. We used our fingers to 1:1 count the characters and objects from the story, we played lotto and ordered the characters in size order while outside too.
We had lots of fun in the hall exercising at our different stations during PE.
Reception Class have built towers, found and rehomed caterpillars and used the chalkboard to practise our letter formation. 
Then we ended our week by harvesting our salad leaves that we had planted earlier in the term with Farmer Bob. We picked, washed and prepared our Chinese cabbage and our spinach. Next, we identified which leaf was which, drew our own diagrams and labelled each leaf before finally all coming together to try our own produce. 
What a busy but fun first week back!