Friday 9th October 2020

What a fantastic week in Year 4!
This week in English, we have been coming to the end of our unit on instructions. The children worked really hard to select the correct adverbs to ensure our instructions were extremely clear for any readers! On Thursday and Friday we wrote our own potion instructions, good enough for Professor Snape!
In History, we continued to learn about the lives of the Ancient Egyptians and gave reasons for why they used the River Nile in their daily lives!
RE this week, focused on Joseph and his technicolor coat and then we performed some drama 'Hot Seating' to question Ruth and Naomi to give reasons for their decisions.
Finally, we studied a mindfulness book entitled 'Breathe and Be' and talked about where our happy or quiet places are, for times when our emotions are overwhelming. We began to create some beautiful illustrations and we will build upon these with some reflective poetry before half term!
Have a lovely weekend Year 4!