During our computing lessons over the last half term, Year 4 have been learning about the internet and world wide web, how the internet works and how websites and web pages are created.
We spent time looking at the content of high quality website and web pages and thought about how we could become content creators. 
Mrs Morris challenged us to build our own web page within our school websites using the four different types of content we have looked at in this unit of work; images, videos, text and links to external sites.
We also linked in our E-Safety and RHE lessons on responsible sharing of online content to ensure that our web pages were not only high quality but safe pages.
We hope you enjoy our web page!
In RE this week, we are working especially hard as we are making our First Holy Communion on Saturday 18th June! We are also heading over to St Charles’ Church on Friday 17th June!
In year 4, we LOVE reading! We will put ourselves forward for anything to do with books!!
In year 4, pretty much all of us really enjoy playing or watching football!⚽️⚽️ Most of us support Newcastle United, so we have many books from matches! The good thing about this is that not just the boys enjoy it nearly all of the girls do too! A lot of the girls play for a football team (outside and in school), the boys also play for football teams and have a spot in the boys St Oswald’s football team!!
In year 4, we have been inspired by Peter Thorpe and have created some artwork about him!
Joke Time!
Who is Santa’s favourite football player?
Harry candy cane!
~~~Joke time~~~
Where was the first sausage cooked? 

In year 4, we are very fond of dictionary’s
We enjoy computing a lot! Here are some of the websites we like: