During our computing lessons over the last half term, Year 4 have been learning about the internet and world wide web, how the internet works and how websites and web pages are created.
We spent time looking at the content of high quality website and web pages and thought about how we could become content creators. 
Mrs Morris challenged us to build our own web page within our school websites using the four different types of content we have looked at in this unit of work; images, videos, text and links to external sites.
We also linked in our E-Safety and RHE lessons on responsible sharing of online content to ensure that our web pages were not only high quality but safe pages.
We hope you enjoy our web page!
Our favourite hobbies
Football          Climbing               Swimming                 Coding               Cricket             Gaming
Sports                 Art                        Acting.                       Reading
We are reading a book called 'The Secrets of the Sun King'. It is about Tutankhamen and his friends, Maya and Lysandra. We wrote diary entries from the perspectives of Maya and Lysandra. 
Here are some websites we like