St Oswald's Day 2019

On the 5th March, we celebrated our Patron Saint by having ‘St Oswald’s Day’ in school. We are not in school on his Feast Day in August so decided, like last year, we would learn about him and our school Mission Statement on a special day. It provided an opportunity to help children gain a better understanding of the mission statement and get to know more about their House Saint. Children worked in House groups on a carousel of activities throughout the day with the key theme being ‘Living, Learning & Loving’.  

For ‘Living’, the children focused on Healthy living and completed their ‘Daily Mile’ in unusual ways. The children were split into teams and created a game using different equipment with the older children supporting the younger ones. 

For ‘Learning’, we are going to make links to some other St Oswald’s schools across the UK. KS1 wrote a letter as a group with questions they wanted to find out about other St Oswald’s schools. They also wrote and drew pictures to send to them. KS2 are planning a project that they can work with another St Oswald’s collaboratively on such as Pen Pals, a Wonder Project, Fitness Challenge or an investigation question.

For ‘Loving’, the children made wire heart decorations to add to a ‘Tree of Love’. We asked for donations  and all proceeds will go to St Oswald’s Hospice. Some hearts were also sent to St Oswald’s charity shops to collect donations.  


The children in KS1 also made a Lenten Promise on a footstep template while KS2 made a class calendar with 40 good deeds to do during Lent.



House Groups