Staff Curriculum Information

If you have any further questions relating to our Curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact our Headteacher, Curriculum Leader or any of our Curriculum Subject Leaders.
Headteacher- Mr Paul Marley
Deputy Headteacher/Curriculum Lead- Mrs Katie Morris
Curriculum Subject Leaders
Early Years Co -Ordinator - Mrs K Morris/Mrs K Wynne
English/Phonics/Reading - Mrs K Morris
Maths - Mrs C Simms
Religious Education - Mrs S Mooney
Science - Miss J Gray (while Mrs R Wills on Maternity)
History - Mrs J McConnell
Geography - Mrs J McConnell
Computing - Miss J Gray
Physical Education - Mrs G Summersby
Art and Design - Mrs K Wynne
Design Technology - Mrs K Wynne
Modern Foreign Languages - Mrs S McLeod
Music - Miss J Gray
Relationships and Health Education - Mrs K Morris
PSHE - Mrs K Morris