Thursday 4th November 2021

What a lovely week we have had! 
In Maths we have been working at converting between different units of measurement! We used our knowledge to measure our friends and different items in the classroom and then wrote some tricky questions to complete!
In English, we have been investigating persuasive writing! We spent some time linking the device to a definition and example! I can't wait to see them in our work!
In Science, we began our unit on The Water Cycle! We created some excellent actions to remember our new key words!
Finally in PE, we took part in a circuit session with lots of tricky exercises to challenge ourselves!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 
We had a lovely time designing firework patterns, and a night sky silhouette, then we carefully used scratch card to create intricate, colourful pictures.  Happy November 5th everyone!  Enjoy the fireworks!