Friday 7th May 2021

Hello everyone,
Well, it may have been a short week but we have certainly packed a lot into it. 
In science this week we went out into the school grounds to observe the different types of trees. We drew diagrams of trees and labelled the different parts. We looked closely at some leaves and measured them.
Our work in maths really helped as we have been learning how to use a ruler and measure in cm accurately. 
We then used the leaves we had measured to carry out some symmetry work. 
In computing we continued to work on algorithms. We had to follow set of simple instructions as well as write a simple set of instructions. 
 We have written some fantastic descriptions of Grandma from George's Marvellous Medicine. The descriptive  vocabulary and ambitious adjectives really did improve our writing. 
Super skipping from our super skippers today. Double bounce and speed skipping are improving greatly. 
We are working hard on a liturgical dance in RE. We hope to have some special for you very soon. 
Have a lovely weekend everyone, see you all on Monday. xxx