Friday 21st January 2022

Year 4 have had a fantastic week! We have been working so hard in Maths to understand the process of dividing with remainders. At the start of the week, this was very tricky, however everyone showed fantastic resilience and now is an expert!
In History, we have been studying our Local History and investigating Railways in the North East. We began to look at George Stephenson and his impact on Railways. The children did this through Drama and all created and performed wonderful pieces all about George Stephenson's past and his influence!
In RE, we have been looking at our local community, in particular, our Parishes. Deacon John came to visit us on Monday and the children asked some very thoughtful questions about the life of a Deacon and the important people who make our Parish special and welcoming!
Lastly, in Science, the children began to look at teeth as a very important aspect of The Digestive System. We used mirrors to look at our teeth and identify how they are different! 
Have a fantastic weekend and I will see you all on Monday!