Friday 20th May 2022

Year 4 have had a great week!
In History, we have been studying the origin of The Olympic Games! We thought about similarities and differences between ancient and modern games and recognised things that are in both!
In Science, we made some electrical circuits! We tried hard to make a bulb light and some of us even managed to make a buzzer sound!
In English, we have been continuing with our diary sentence stacking and we have all been writing some marvelous things!
Today, we completed our bikeability class! The children all worked so hard and learnt how to be safe on the roads whilst riding a bike.
In the classroom, we began our final Space Art piece by creating our backgrounds using the splatter techniques we learnt last week! We also created a newspaper report all about St Paul and the new life Jesus gave him!
Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you all on Monday!