Friday 23rd July 2021

Dear Year 5 children,
We thank every single one of you for two fantastic years - how we loved seeing you grow in maturity, confidence and knowledge! 
Your joyful enthusiasm made us smile every day - we are so proud of you all! xx
Dear parents,
We thank you for your generous gifts and kind words, as well as for your continued support throughout a very challenging year.  You should be so proud of your wonderful children - we have loved teaching them for the past two years.
 It has been a joyful last week of term, filled with sunshine, laughter, popcorn and icecream, scavenger hunts, parachute games, zumba and wonderful art work!
(Don't forget to spread some love and positivity by hiding one of your gorgeous 'friendship rocks' - maybe you  will be lucky enough to find one too!).
We hope you and your families have a restful, fun-filled, happy holiday!
Love from
Mrs McConnell, Mrs Simms and Mrs Marshall